Main Contract, Main Table of Orders

Main Contract, Main table of orders

Gold bars purchase order for €7000 - Main Contract

Main Contract, Main table Prepayment is €740

The Main contract, seven celled Main Table of orders

The Seven celled MAIN contract main table of orders is seven celled and consists of three levels, which includes 7 orders of the buyers. The levels are arranged from top to bottom. Placement of customer orders starts from left to right, also taking into consideration the recommendations made.
  • 1st level - 4 orders
  • 2nd level - 2 orders
  • 3rd level - 1 order

All incoming customer's orders are placed on the first level. The remaining two levels already have the placed orders.

Once the first-level of the Table of orders is filled with the customer orders, the Table splits into two symmetric tables of orders. The order of the buyer moves down to the second level. At the first level of two new Tables of orders 4 new empty places are formed for new customer orders.

As soon as the first level of Table of orders fills up with 4 more new orders, the buyer's order moves down to the 3rd level.

At the following table division, the buyer's order is charged with Credit bonuses, which can be used only for buying investment gold. The order of the buyer automatically passes to the second cycle and upon termination of the second cycle Credit bonuses are charged again. The order of the buyer automatically passes to the third cycle and upon termination of the third cycle Credit bonuses are charged again and the Order is terminated.

The order of the buyer, for its full execution, should pass a minimum of three cycles of the Main seven celled Table of orders.

Upon termination of each cycle the buyer's Order is charged with bonus compensation at the rate of 2100 Credit bonuses, out of which the processing fee (10%) 210 Credit bonuses are deducted. Investment gold bars are bought for the remaining 1890 Credit bonuses.

On termination of the Order, the Buyer can issue a new Order or prolong an action of the previous one, by reinvesting 720,00 credit bonuses.

Bars of investment gold are bought for the charged Credit bonuses and delivered to the order Owner to the specified address or by insured mail or the Owner can sell the gold back to the company.

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