Marketing Program

Swissgolden's Marketing Program

Swissgolden Marketing Program

The Swissgolden Marketing Program is divided into 2 Programs;

1. The Bonus Program and
2. The Leadership Program

1. The Bonus Program

The Swissgolden company provides their clients an opportunity to pay for the order to buy gold in parts through a Bonus marketing program. Swissgolden company offers its clients 3 types of contracts and 6 types of prepayment methods.

This bonus program of the company is where the client earns income in gold through referral of 2 other clients. This guarantees the preservation and accumulation of their income in the most reliable world currency, gold investment bullions.

The client on becoming a member of the bonus program may contribute 10% of the contract amount. The remaining 90% will be paid by the bonuses. The gold bars that will be earned as bonuses can be kept as investment or be used at the clients own discretion within the framework of services offered by Swissgolden company to its clients.  Read more »

Swissgolden Leadership Program

2. Leadership Program

The Leadership program the Swissgolden company was developed to encourage Swissgolden's most active clients.

Leadership program allows active and professional clients to build Leadership careers in the company and get passive income from the turnover of its structure. Read more »

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